Water is one of the most precious and scarce resources in the San Diego region. In addition, your water use is directly tied to overall energy consumption; it takes substancial energy to clean, move and heat water. By implementing water smart practices and technologies you will contribute to better enviroment and lower water and energy bills! Check out the strategies below and implement water saving solutions today.

  • Raise Awareness Around Water
    Post signs that prompt water conservation conscientiousness.

    Only Give Out What They’ll Drink.
    If it fits your business model: serve water only upon request.

    Adjust your ice making machine to only produce as much ice as needed.

  • Address the Dishwasher
    Commercial dishwashers are considered to be one of the largest water and energy consumers in the commercial kitchen, often using more than two-thirds of the overall water use.

    Install Water-saving Toilets and Urinals.
    Toilets and urinals are big water users and easy targets. Commit to installing fixtures with the WaterSense label.

    Install Water-saving Bathroom Faucets.
    Bathroom faucets can be heavily used. Commit to installing fixtures with the WaterSense label.

  • Gerenciamiento-gastronomico-Como-detectar-costos-ocultosCommercial kitchens have unique water saving opportunities and┬ástrategies.

  • 05.22.laundromatLaundromats have unique water saving opportunities.