Eco What?

An EcoDistrict is a neighborhood committed to a creating a vibrant and sustainable community. Through green buildings, smart public infrastructure and individual action, EcoDistricts strive to conserve resources, minimize waste to landfill, help curb green house gases, and promote health, wellbeing, community identity and equity.

The EcoDistricts™ Framework, created by the Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSi), was created to provide a strategy to create green cities from the neighborhood up.
The North Park EcoDistrict is currently in the District Assessment phase of the framework.

Check out the eight key EcoDistrict performance areas below:

  • water


  • materials

    Materials Management

  • health

    Health & Well Being

  • north-park-sign

    Community Identity

  • solar-panel


  • trees

    Habitat and Ecosystem Function

  • dev

    Equitable Development

  • bus

    Access and Mobility